Comfort & Sedation

Comfort & Sedation

Our friendly staff help make your treatment more relaxing.

We’ll make your treatment comfortable and pain-free

We believe in TLC and do everything we can to make your treatment comfortable and easy on you. We offer various comfort and sedation options, along with reassuring and understanding care, good communication and an open ear at all times.

Conservative and minimally invasive

The easiest way for us to help you avoid discomfort is by using minimally invasive and non-surgical methods whenever possible. We take a conservative approach in all of our treatment. When surgery does become necessary, as with treating severe periodontitis or when placing dental implants for teeth replacement, we use the most minimally invasive methods we have available.

Gentle laser dentistry

We have several lasers that we use to make gum disease treatment and cosmetic gum treatment gentle as well as effective.

Regulated anesthesia with The Wand

Comfort & Sedation

The Wand delivers comfortable anesthesia injections.

With our computerized anesthetic dispenser called The Wand, we can control the flow and volume of the anesthesia so that a slow flow is created, making for a pain-free injection. The computer provides a flow of anesthetic directly ahead of the needle so you hardly feel the needle at all.

The main source of discomfort from injections, however, is not the needle it’s the flow of anesthetic into your tissue. The Wand delivers at an optimal flow rate for comfort.

It also provides just the right amount of anesthetic for comfortable treatment so that you don’t have unnecessary lingering numbness.

IV Sedation

Comfort & Sedation

IV sedation offers the anxious patient a more relaxing experience, and allows them to get the dental work they need.

For patients who want extra help relaxing, we provide oral conscious and IV conscious sedation. Conscious sedation puts the patient into a light dozing sleep, in which they are still conscious and can respond to requests.

IV sedation is our preferred method of sedation for longer procedures. IV sedation gives us a little more control over regulating patient comfort and makes it more possible to do a lot of treatment in one visit. The sedative is flushed out at the end of treatment, so you can expect a quicker recovery time.

Dr. Henriod is an expert in IV sedation and takes care of all of the IV sedation himself along with a dedicated assistant to monitor the patient during treatment.

Oral Sedation

With oral sedation we administer a sedative pill to help you relax. Like IV sedation, it puts you into a sort of “twilight” sleep in which you can still respond to requests and questions.

Benefits of Comfort Sedation

Comfort sedation isn’t just for patients undergoing extensive or time-consuming procedures.  It’s also ideal for any patient that suffers from issues like tooth sensitivity, a strong gag reflex, a low pain threshold, or dental anxiety.  While there are certain circumstances that may prevent the use of sedation, such as pregnancy, a sedative allergy, or some medical conditions, many patients are good candidates for comfort sedation, and can enjoy the benefits of this option.

Comfort sedation is intended to ensure a positive experience by helping patients to remain comfortable and relaxed throughout their visit.  In some cases, you may remain awake, but totally relaxed, or you might fall asleep during your visit.  Whenever sedation is administered, you will be monitored by our trained and experienced team for your safety and peace of mind.


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