Cleanings for Dental Implants in Pasadena

Cleanings for Dental Implants

Our hygienists will show you the techniques used to clean your dental implants and keep them healthy and strong.

Dental implants require their own special care

When properly looked after, dental implants can last a lifetime. As they require their own special teeth cleaning techniques, we teach implant patients how to look after their dental implants and show them the special tools and techniques to use.

Implant-supported replacement teeth require professional cleaning just like natural teeth, and our hygienists are trained in implant cleanings. We recommend that a patient with dental implants gets two to three cleanings per year. One bonus: you won’t experience any sensitivity during your implant cleaning.

Can you get gum disease around dental implants?

You can, it is called peri-implantitis and the causes and complications are slightly different than gum disease. The symptoms are similar to regular gum disease and most especially include:

  • An unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Discharge from the gum
  • Bleeding when brushing

Peri-implantitis can’t be treated with regular deep cleaning, but we can treat it using our soft-tissue laser. Learn more about laser treatment for Dental Implants.

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