4 Dental Tools We Use to Help Patients Enjoy a Pain-Free Procedure

At Pasadena Periodontics, we know that not everyone feels at ease when visiting the dentist. In fact, studies show that more than one in every three people experiences some level of dental anxiety, and that anxiety is often associated with fear of pain. In order to create the most comfortable and welcoming environment possible for […]

Common Causes for Dental Bone Loss

Deterioration of the jaw bone is a more common dental issue than you might think. Sometimes, it’s the result of an infection, while other times, it’s the result of tooth loss or simply the result of the aging process. Whatever the cause may be, bone loss is an issue that needs to be addressed before […]

5 Reasons To Treat Gum Disease Immediately

Gum disease is a condition that can manifest in a few different ways, not all of them immediately noticeable or painful. The most familiar symptoms — bleeding or tender gums, overly sensitive teeth, difficulty chewing — sometimes vanish soon after they appear. Other symptoms, like persistent bad breath, may not be considered as a sign […]

Osteoporosis and Dental Implants: What You Should Know

There are many reasons why people visit the dentist, including tooth decay, tooth loss, and misalignment, among other reasons. For patients who need advanced dental care beyond a simple cavity filling or teeth cleaning, many dentists will recommend dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are installed where a root has been removed. […]

Are Dental Implants Still An Option If I Have Gum Disease?

With any corrective surgery involving new or replacement parts, the body must be in proper condition to be able to support new structures. This is especially the case with dental implants. Dental implants are increasingly popular procedures for fixing or replacing teeth that have decayed or been lost. The success of dental implant relies on […]

What you should know about tooth and bone loss related to gum disease

While it is no secret that taking proper care of your teeth prevents cavities and decay, most people do not recognize the serious consequences if these problems are left untreated. One such result is gum disease, an infection that can lead to tooth loss, bone loss and systemic health problems. Gum disease, also known as […]

What is Periodontal Maintenance?

Did you know that many people have periodontal disease and they don’t even know it? One of the trickiest parts of the disease is that it is usually painless and in that regard is adept at sneaking up on unsuspecting souls. Some of the more common and visible symptoms include recessed gums; swollen, bleeding, or […]

Proper Gum Care for a Healthy Mouth and Smile

Did you know that you have billions of bacteria living comfortably in your mouth? We all do and if those bacteria take hold in our gums it can cause a lot of unpleasant oral issues including periodontal disease, which is painful inflammation of the gums and potential destruction of a tooth’s supporting tissue as well […]

What are the different parts of a dental implant?

When we were kids, our parents showed us how to properly brush and floss our teeth and reminded us regularly how important it was to do both of those things every day. We went for a checkup and the dentist told us the same thing. When we grew up, most of us continued to practice […]

What you should know about gum disease and deep cleaning

Have you experienced irritation, soreness, or bleeding in your gums? Likely a gradual occurrence, each of these conditions is a sign you could have gum disease. Our gums are incredibly strong elements of our overall body systems and of course they are responsible for holding our teeth in place. We most assuredly do not want […]

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