What you should know about pinhole surgical technique for gum recession

Receding gums, medically known as gingival recession, is a very common complaint in dental offices, especially among adults over the age of 65. Considering that 88% of people over 65 years of age experience some form of gingival recession in at least one tooth, it is of no surprise that this is a dental issue […]

The Risk that Gum Disease Poses in Pregnant Women

A smile is often the first thing other people notice, so you naturally want to preserve a healthy, beautiful smile as a form of social currency. You smile can make you feel more confident and attractive. You also want to feel healthy and well, and when your gums are irritated, inflamed, and harboring infection, you’re […]

What to expect during your first dental implant procedure

Dental implant surgery is the process by which metal posts are inserted into your jawbone in order to replace missing (or damaged) teeth. This process allows artificial teeth to be anchored, which function like your real teeth. The procedure itself can be take a great deal of time depending on your jawbone density, the health […]

Can Gum Disease Cause Heart Problems?

The simple answer to this question is yes, but the path that leads from the gums to the heart is a bit more complex. These days, there’s no question about the link between oral health and overall health – the connection has been well established through an array of studies. However, there is still some […]

Will My Dental Implants Last?

When you lose a tooth, whether it gets knocked out during a pick-up game or it becomes infected to the point where it has to be removed, just for example, your first inclination is probably to replace it as quickly as possible. After all, you don’t want an unsightly gap in your smile, you want […]